How To Make Your Blog A Source Of Revenue?

Have you ever realized how helpful blog posts can be to your business? Or, did you ever try to gauge the impact of sharing information in the digital space through blogs?

If not, then you should know that:

  • Blog posts help impact the buying behavior of consumers.
  • Over 50% consumers globally do a purchase based on information read on a blog.
  • Businesses with regular blogging have reported more some 67% more revenue growth than those who not.

It clearly shows that blogs have a big role in bringing customers or prospects to your business. Given its ability to drive sales and revenue growth, blogging should be an integral aspect of your overall digital marketing strategy.

Why some businesses don’t take blogging seriously?

Despite proven potential and record, some businesses don’t invest as much resources in blogging as they should. Some of major reasons of that include:

  • It needs constant efforts to materialize
  • A significant amount of time is needed to actually realize the true potential of blogs.
  • It may take months to see any ROI.
  • Only quality works here.

Why your business should take blogging seriously?

Blogging is something your business can’t and shouldn’t ignore. It has a range of advantages, including:

  • It helps you to share information with target audience and connect with them
  • It helps to create awareness and build brand
  • It wins trust of customers and boosts your visibility and authority

Steps to make blogs a source of revenue

It won’t be a cakewalk for sure to write some random posts and expect your blog to turn into a source of revenue. It won’t be like that, as neither will results come that early nor through weak posts. You have to consider some of these points to expect the blog to be of any worth:

  • Focus on only high-quality posts that prompt others to seek link and see your posts as a valuable resource.
  • Don’t stuff keywords and go unnatural in your link building efforts with your blogs as being nature will help a lot.
  • Throw out the verbose part, be specific, be informative and add links only where it adds value to readers.
  • Make sure the headline grabs the attention else readers might not turn to your blog.
  • Be regular with blogging yet don’t let quality suffer on the altar of quantity.
  • Make sure you posts center around catering to basic concerns and issues that bother your target audience as doing this helps a great deal.
  • Use keywords only where it’s necessary else readers today are aware and they might know you’re not bothered about them but about search engines.
  • And lastly, take care of the formatting part and avoid peddling you own wares too unashamedly in the post (being subtle is the way to go).


It’s obvious that blog posts do brim with a great potential. Your business should not miss out on prospects that your small efforts and investment in blogging can fetch. Go and reap the rewards from blogging.

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