smart contentEver wonder what kind of content will help you rise above your competitors? We’ve all heard the saying “content is king”, but how do you gain visibility or earn a higher search engine rank simply leveraging content?

What exactly is “content”?
Content includes the words you write, created image, facts, jokes, posted videos, carefully crafted infographics and on-page SEO efforts. Content is information.

How can smart content help beat your competition?

  • content provides information to your customers.
  • content convinces prospects to read on, engage, purchase.
  • content entertains your audience and guides them through your path of interaction.

Smart content is…
1) Created with high quality keywords and must be partnered with equally smart optimization efforts. If smart content is king, SEO is his queen. Smart content presents your business to the visitors of your website and your optimization efforts make sure searchers get presented with your ideas/products/etc… too!

2) Made for human eyeballs. Infographics, pictures, videos, audio-visuals, flip-books, customer stories and blog posts all appear pleasing to the reader if the content’s layout has easy-to-read fonts, pleasing colors, images, evenly spaced column widths and clear navigation. Your content will only be shared if it’s worthy of a share.

3) Meant to be shared. Creating share worthy content is only half the journey. To earn the share from your customer, your content must also be easily shared. Do you provide links or sharing options for your readers to share with a simple click? Clarity, briefness, and wit (fun) will make them laugh, ponder and share!

4) Compatible with any device and any browser. Gone are the days when visitors would browse the web through their PC’s. Tablets, smartphones are providing the perfect devices for web browsing wherever and whenever their owners want to engage online. Your site, applications and content need to be compatible with dozens of browsers and devices that are being used all over the world.

5) Unforgettable. Creating content that is original and makes an impact on your reader takes time, resources, team effort, patience, planning and great writing. If you can touch your readers’ heart with words or images, she will share, quote, bookmark your content. Gut check your content before you publish, does it move you? If not, it will likely not move your audience either.

When your readers love what you create and present, they’ll share and come back for more. It’s only human nature to share new ideas, things we love, dreams and wishes with our friends and family. If you care, they will share!

And that is how you can beat your competition with smart, intentional content!



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