Digital Marketing Trends 2016There is nothing wrong in the way businesses and brands explore for innovative ways to drive their marketing attempts and gain rewards. 2015 was no different with a variety of hardware and software and trends leveraged by marketers to stay ahead of the curve. With customers’ preferences changing fast coupled with advancements of technologies, it’s a hard to predict the exact course of action that online marketing will the next moment. There is however some broad themes around which much of digital marketing will revolve around next year.

It’s good time to have a look at those digital marketing trends that may dominate the landscape in 2016:

Video ads to get more prominence

First, it was Google that decided to include video content in search engine algorithm; then, Facebook and BING too came up with the plans to offer video options to marketers. Both the steps are pioneering in many ways and summarize the dominating presence and ever-rising popularity of video as a mode of exchanging ideas and communication.

Apps to be more popular and beneficial

Apps are getting indexed and becoming a factor in search rankings. It means, search engines are giving more preference to content and data appearing in apps. Given the responsiveness and convenience of apps, businesses are sure to leverage this change in algorithm to gain an edge in the market.

Mobile usages to grow and eclipse desktop

2015 has been a remarkable year in a way to witness searches from mobile overtaking those from desktop. With Google’s sustained stance of favoring mobile-friendly features in rankings, the popularity of mobile usages is set to rise in scale. Marketers would be better off next year in devoting their resources to traffic from smartphones.

Wearable technology to include in marketing strategy

Wearable devices have a bright future ahead with a market that to become double in size in next three years. The technology is likely to feature in digital marketing strategies to bring all those benefits that on-the-go consumers demand. With small screen size and voice command features to boost, such device may give a major boost to the industry.

Native Adverting to be an essential part of marketing strategies

With ads-blocking measures and software on the rise, digital marketing strategies are becoming more needful and aware to find ways to remain immune to the risks. Native advertising is gaining in usages gradually and 2016 will see more frequency on such measures to counter the risks posed by those blocking materials.

Less reliance on web listing of information

2016 may be the year when businesses need not rely on web listing of their information to be found out. Similarly, advertising strategies like SEO and PPC may cede a bit of ground to ‘virtual assistants’ for catering customers’ need of information.


It’s clearly visible that 2016 is coming up with own set of complexities and challenges for internet marketing industry. The best way is to be aware of the trends and put in place right set of measures to counter threats on all fronts to remain on the growth path.

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