5-Tips-for-Last-Minute-Holiday-BlogsIt’s Black Friday eve, your million item to-do list hasn’t been touched and somewhere towards the top of your list is a request to revitalize your blog with a few new posts this holiday season. While moving at mach speed, you start to wonder what is a blog post going to do for you exactly?

One blog post might not do much. But posting one each week, or every day, could prove to be among your best marketing moves in 2013.

In a benchmark study of 7,000 businesses, Hubspot discovered companies that blog 15 times a month or more get 5x the amount of traffic than sites that don’t blog at all. With performance numbers like this why aren’t all companies, big to small, blogging away many times a day? Because it’s hard. Hard to write multiple blog posts daily, hard to find resources, hard to keep up with a schedule… trust me, even we struggle with the content calendar.

Our team of writers are writing many pieces of content every day. I asked them for a few tips on how to get focused, write the best blog post, and move on. Here’s what they told me:

1. Choose the right topic
The aim is to get the reader to read the content; hence the topic must be informative, not conventional or boring. Finding a topic is much easier if you have a few goals for the post.

So how do you choose the right topic? We like to start by thinking about topics in general. You could look to your customers first: what are they asking, what type of questions are you getting through customer service, in comments or in social media mentions? Once you have a topic, use google keyword planning tool to find the right keywords to include. You could aim for keywords with high volumes of searches, niche keywords with low volume searches, or even geographic searches.

Once you have the topic and keywords, you are ready to assemble your topic.

2. Be useful
Include information in your blog that is new and has not been used in any other blog post. Include a solution to a problem, a tip, a good laugh, or new info that will teach your reader something.

3. Write headlines that buzz
Let’s face it, a bad headline can kill great content. A good headline entices readers to read more. A buzzy headline needs 3 things:

  • keep it short & sweet
  • offer a solution
  • include a call to action

4. Have a keyword density goal:
Keywords are the primary words that are used in the topic of your blog. If used wisely they can support the SEO initiatives of your blog. I’m not saying load the blog with all of your well-matched terms. But many SEO studies show the benefits of keyword density.

5. Be engaging
It is important to make both the blog and the content visually appealing. A simple fix to boost engagement is to include images in your blog posts. Pages with more images get more customer interaction than posts without an image.

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