Social Media Trends 2016The world of social media keeps changing with rapid rate and 2015 was no exception. With users’ constantly changing preferences and behaviors spawning new platforms and more innovations, we can safely assume 2016 to be equally chaotic. The only common link between these two successive years will be the desire of brands and businesses to stay ahead and garner the biggest chunk of digital marketing pie.

If some recently emerging and existing trends are any indication, we’re set for a year that is going to tilt a bit the landscape of social marketing. Let’s have a look at those 5 trends that may change the game forever:

Messaging platforms will outpace social networks in transmission

In the next three years, the audience of messaging platforms will be some 30% larger than those on social platforms. More people than ever before are now into sharing one-to-one messages or videos or photos and this growth itself is squeezed out from the chunks of social platforms. Given the popularity of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, marketers may feel tempted to leverage something they could not till now.

More publication choices are going to be available

If Facebook’s Instant Articles is any indication, then marketers and businesses are sure to get more options and choices for publication. As the marketing is turning more competitive by the day, brands are more conscious to give users more to read and create awareness. With the need of presenting users with more materials and keeping them in-app for as long as possible, this trend may find a lot of takers this year for sure.

Diversification and widening of in-app features or functionalities of popular social platforms

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram etc – every major social player is trying their best to diversify and widen the in-app features to continue holding the attention of users for long. The purpose is to not let the users either leave the app or look elsewhere to their requirements. With expansion of options, marketers and businesses may find “one-stop solution” with their favorite platform to boost their customer interaction and engagement.

Ad blocking will finally shift its focus towards social sites

With ad-blocking software rising in usages and some prominent players pitched against it, the days are certainly not going to be rosy for brands leveraging social sites through ad displays. Digital ads may find it a bit of tough ride as there may be blocking mechanism in place. You can expect 2016 to be a landmark year where advocates and adversaries of ad-blocking will lock horns and slug it out for their share.

Videos are going to take more of platform-oriented optimization

In coming days, one single video from your side will not be able to dictate terms across social platforms. Rather, you need to work specially for each single platform to reap the best rewards. The strategy of posting a video on one platform and syndication it further will cease to matter and that’s where you will have to do platform-oriented optimization.


It’s obvious that brands and marketers are going to be on their toes in 2016 as fresh wave of changes are on the way. The best way forward is to keep a tab on the emerging trends and strategize accordingly to continue being in relevant in the marketplace.

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