5 ideas 10 minutes each

It’ll take you 3 minutes to read this, 2 minutes to jot down your to do’s, and 5 minutes to find your login credentials. These ideas aren’t new, in fact you’ve probably participated in many of these in the last 6 months. But they are the first to be forgotten. Why is that? Not top of mind? To easy? To many login’s? Worthy to be dusted off and tried again, our top 5 content marketing ideas only take a few minutes to get started.


1. Be active on forums: It’s the best place to find real experts, new ideas, active customers, and so much more. Don’t just watch, throw your hat in the ring! Join a conversation you know something about, answer a question, or start a new thread for a question you have. The two most important things before you join a forum:

a) participate where you can contribute with great ideas and information.

b) Limit your time! Give yourself 20 minutes a day to read, post and answer. Many marketers avoid forums because they have the unusual ability to chew through an afternoon in no-time flat! Set a timer, stick to your time budget and get to it!


2. Nurture your email channel: An unopened email is equivalent to an unsent email.

Email marketing isn’t a sexy topic. In a world dominated by tweets, Likes and +1’s, most marketers aren’t excited by email marketing any more. – Why Email Marketing Shouldn’t be an Ugly Stepchild via SearchEngine Watch


Send appropriate and relevant emails, make them useful, and don’t show up in any inbox uninvited. Shore up your email performance by finding the best time, day and topic for your subscriber community. Using the metrics from previous email campaigns—identify 2 or 3 times/days that received the strongest open rate and focus in on the best performing topics.


3. Curate: Participating on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest can give much needed visibility to your brand. You may be thinking these two sites specifically fall in very different channels. Tumblr is more of a microblog platform and Pinterest is more of a social media channel. But they both have curation in common. The content you share can be a combination of your own unique content, shared content, and curated. The opportunity to build an audience around your favorite topics is huge! Get started by posting a few of your best performing blog posts, find people and brands to follow and curate!


4. Show (and share!) your love: Did you read a killer article about a topic that fits perfectly in your wheelhouse? Don’t steel or borrow the idea, show some love. Thank the author publicly by sharing and tagging on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and your own blog. Make sure attribution is spelled correctly, tagged appropriately and includes your kudos, thoughts or ideas.


5. Draw from roundups: Giddyup! er.. not that kind of round-up. Gather and round up the best posts, videos, tweets, info graphs and podcasts on a specific topic. More than 2 million blog posts are published on the web every day. Your ideas won’t survive on an island with so many other posts fighting for attention. Creating roundup, curated posts on a specific topic encourages your audience to look to you for the best content, builds connections with other content producers and serves as yet another content type to fuel your content strategy.



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