The success of your marketing initiatives depend on content marketing done correctly. It’s important not to adopt a hasty approach in order to get attention but to focus on creating a long term strategy that includes important elements with testing, over time.

Invest in content distribution:

Distribution plays a critical role in successful content marketing as compared to the content creation . It has become increasingly difficult to draw the attention of audiences in the dense forest of web channels. Investing in earned and paid channels can help increase the number of eyeballs on your site. E-mails and social media are the most common channels of promotion, but there are literally hundreds of paid channels to use.

Content Marketing Trends (Content Marketing Reigns) - 2014


Design unique landing pages:

Investing in content distribution increases traffic, a better bounce rate,conversion optimization & landing page conversion. While getting them to your site is the first milestone along the customer’s journey, compelling them to take the next action, like subscribing to your newsletter, visiting a 2nd page, sharing to their network or purchasing something, is as important.

Landing pages should be an integral part of your content marketing strategy. These intentionally assigned pages should be uncluttered and concise with a clear call to action that makes the next expected action really clear for your customer. An effective landing page displays the right information at the right time along the customer’s path, and can turn a visitor or observer into a subscriber or purchaser.

Social Media:

The ideal tool to build relationships with fans, customers, journalists, brand ambassadors and bloggers, social media should be treated as an indispensable tool. When devising a strategy for social media, consider participating only in the networks that help establish a relationship with your ideal customer. Each network has it’s own set of strengths, choose wisely and leverage your content format with the strengths of your chosen social media networks. Here’s a quick summary of strengths for the most popular social networks:









B2C or B2B

B2C & B2B

B2C & B2B


B2C & B2B



best content types

links to news/articles/products, images, videos

short content, links, images, videos

industry news, business articles, presentations

links to news/articles/products, images, videos


images featuring products, info-graphics, recipes, DIY, events

brand visibility opportunities


basic accounts in business name, business/fan pages, sponsored posts

basic accounts in business name, branded profile page, sponsored tweets

business page, industry group, networking groups, sponsored posts

business page, networking circles

business page

basic account in business name, branded/group boards, sponsored posts,

advertising opportunities 


native advertising, banner advertising, re-targeting opportunities

native advertising, promoted account

native advertising, banner advertising


in-video ads, banner ads

native advertising


Diversify Content:

Your customers prefer different types of content. Diversifying your content helps reach all members of your audience and is key to engagement with your content. Your content looks great illustrated. Sharing photos, infographics and videos within your content on social media and in all appropriate marketing channels can yield more interaction with your brands, increased visitors and more on-site engagement. Include plans for diverse content creation in your marketing strategy and planning calendars.

Analyze Performance Authentically:

Lastly and most importantly you must analyze and measure your website performance & content performance  to help set expectations, achieve goals and serve your audience. Go beyond vanity metrics, measure the audience engagement , understand your click through rates, analyze engagement metrics like shares, likes and comments.

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