Content-Marketing-MythsTo say the content marketing industry is growing doesn’t do anyone any good. An eMarketer report predicted marketers will spend $4.3B on native advertising in 2015, a 35% increase over 2014. Expected to reach $8.8B by 2018, the content marketing industry is a big deal.  source

Content marketers are tasked with a heap of responsibility. While content marketing is responsible for a lot of exposure, and yields a very healthy ROI (when measured) content  marketers are often swimming upstream, working hard to justify their budgets, getting C-suite level approvals for the next big idea, and finding resources to support their initiatives.

Challenges commonly faced b B2C content marketers are very similar across all industries. More than 50% of the respondents said their biggest challenge is measuring content effectiveness, compared to just 36% last year. Producing enough engaging content and budget resources round out the top 3 challenges faced by B2C marketers.

16 marketing myths top challenges

Here are 16 of the most common myths about content marketing.

1) Content marketing isn’t just a current trend. It’s a big deal and will continue to be.

77% of marketers will increase content production in the next 12 months.


2) Not everyone can write. Be careful who you partner with to write your content.

Current mix of created content by content marketers: 58.4% of content is created by dedicated, internal staff; 24.3% of content is crowd-sourced internally; 17.2% of content is created by outsourced staff.

3) Blogs are the most commonly used content marketing tactic, but there are more than 30 very popular tactics being used daily.


16 common marketing myths #3.png


4) You can’t plan for viral content.

Only a tiny fraction of the content that is posted on the web makes it to viral status. Here’s a quick summary of just how much content is posted:

Facebook – 25 billion shared and created content every month

Youtube – 100 hours of video uploaded per minute

Tumblr – 2.3 million new posts on Tumblr every hour

Google News – 4.5 thousand English news sources

Websites – 252 million domains registered in 2013 alone

Twitter – 500+ million tweets sent every day


5) Content marketing takes time, perseverance, teamwork and a lot of great ideas.

6) Manage all marketing channels, you won’t reach everyone through content.


7) Content marketing includes more than just words on a web page

The top 3 content formats that B2B buyers seek out to research a purchase decision include: Whitepapers (78%), Case Studies (73%), and Webinars (67%). See complete info here


8) Content marketing influences every stage of the sales funnel and customer purchase path

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing (source)

9) Products, brands and industries that are fairly boring or conservative can absolutely benefit from content marketing.

10) Each type of content has a unique lifespan.

The average lifespan of a tweet is 24 hours and the average lifespan of a blog ranges within industries from 4-36 months! You’ll want to plan publishing frequency and creation investment accordingly.

11) Content marketing isn’t just about you. It’s about your customer.

12) You can’t talk about everything, all the time. Talk about what makes sense for your brand at the appropriate time of day/week/month/year.

13) Content marketing can and should be measured

14) Success requires a content marketing strategy

Companies with a documented content strategy are much more likely to be very or extremely effective (36%) than those without a documented strategy (11%). Most companies consider their content marketing at least somewhat effective.

15) Don’t get stuck in the review and publishing process.

create > review > approve > publish = quickly.

27.1% of bloggers use someone in addition to themselves to review their work – i.e., another person or a formal editing process.

16) Your audience won’t miraculously find your content. Use your marketing channels to amplify.

Top 3 content marketing tactics: Blogging (65%); Social Media (64%); Case Studies (64%).


Content marketing means much more than just creating words on a page and more influential to your sales funnel than some marketing channels combined. It’s important to move beyond the common myths,anticipate the coming challenges and create content that our audience and customer base can’t get enough of!

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in content marketing?

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