10 Writing Tips to Take Your Travel Website to the Next Level

Most people love traveling, and for good reason. When you travel, you can see new sights, meet different people, and explore other cultures. Encountering the unexpected is good for the soul. Travel widens our horizons and gives us firsthand experience of the world.

Tourists often want detailed information about the cities and destinations they plan to visit, and blogs are a perfect medium for providing this information to them. As more people than ever pack their bags for trips and vacations, a unique market niche of travel blogging has sprung up.

Share your travel experiences and recommendations with the world to make your website or blog a center of useful information for consumers.

Why you should want to tap into the travel industry

An informative travel website can help your brand expand its reach. There is a huge market for sharing unique travel experiences with people:

  • The travel and tourism industries show steady growth nearly every year.
  • The number of tourists is on the rise worldwide, from 1.20 billion in 2014 to a projected figure of 1.8 billion by 2030.
  • Travel and tourism comprise a massive industry with an overall worldwide contribution of more than 7 trillion U.S. dollars in 2014-2015.
  • The direct contribution of the industry is a massive 2.4 trillion U.S. dollars for the same period, worldwide.

It’s clear that the travel industry is brimming with potential. This is why a well-written blog or travel website is an excellent way to reach prospects and increase web traffic.

Writing tips to make your travel website more popular

Travel website writing tipsA travel website with informative, well-written and accurate content has the potential to reach a large audience. But to generate traffic, your blog needs to follow these tips:

No. 1. Be fresh and original

No major city in the world has not already been written about and discussed at length across travel sites. You need to come up with a fresh way to talk about those major tourist destinations, offering a new narrative or a unique perspective.

No. 2. Details, details, details

Your blog won’t be of much use to travelers, nor will it be interesting to read, unless it presents detailed information about the locations you write about. People want to know specifics before planning a trip, and the little details are what bring a description to life.

No. 3. Cater to a niche

It’s a good idea for a travel blog to cater to a specific category or niche to create a unique identity for itself. This helps you stand out from other travel blogs. You can focus on a theme, such as local foods or cultural practices, and discuss it in great detail to inform readers.

No. 4. First-person narrative works

Readers love personal experiences. A first-person perspective can bring a travel blog to life. A personal tone helps the reader picture themselves in the places described.

No. 5. Do away with the mundane

Travelers generally don’t get as excited about the commonplace. The bare, practical facts about the airport, local hotels and so on come in handy, but that kind of information can often be found anywhere, so don’t focus too much on these things.

No. 6. Don’t be repetitive

Nothing deadens the reading experience more than repetition. To keep your writing lively, make your points once, and then move on.

No. 7. Focus on telling a story

Don’t just recount facts; take those facts and put them into a narrative.

No. 8. Share opinions and anecdotes from the local residents

Quotes from locals are extremely helpful, and usually fun to read, for tourists. This will add a local flavor to your blog, grounding it in the place you’re describing.

No. 9. Be unpretentious in voice and tone

The purpose of your travel blog is to share experiences and information with readers in a way that will enrich their travel experience. Make sure your writing is accessible to your audience.

No. 10. Don’t miss the nuances

A good travel blog is one that never misses the nuances. Every place you visit has something that only discerning eyes can catch and communicate. Try finding those!

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