10 Ways To Use Your E-Commerce Content Strategy to Increase Traffic

After you and your product team spend hundreds of hours ensuring that your website is as user-friendly as possible, the next step is making sure you have traffic. After all, you can’t convert customers if you don’t have adequate sessions and referrals. The primer below could help trigger or reboot your e-commerce strategy to increase traffic on your site.

1. Use Images with Every Facebook Post

When you’re promoting content on Facebook, make sure you’re using vibrant, exciting photos along with your hashtags and keywords. Think about how quickly people scroll through Facebook. While there are no conclusive studies, we do know through some research that Digiday executed in 2015 that the younger the user, the faster they scroll. The more creative and well-executed your images are, the more likely people are to slow down and, hopefully, click.

2. How to Increase E-Commerce Traffic with Product Stories

Don’t tell your customer how to use your products: show them. Show your products off the page and in a real-world situation as much as possible and create a themed story around them.

3. Group Products into Image Collections

What are the products you sell and what are the logical ways that you can group them together? If you sell clothing and accessories, create posts (and group discounts) for events like weekend getaways or holiday parties. Group the images together in collages for your social media and sponsored posts. The more fun and whimsical, the better.

4. Increase Giveaways and Contests

Test daily, weekly, and monthly giveaways with different contests. Encourage social media followers, newsletter subscribers, and blog followers to share and redistribute posts and reward them with exciting free product offers. Schedule giveaways with enough frequency that your results are meaningful and help you measure which tactic is driving traffic to your e-commerce site the most effectively.

5. Put a Limit on Discounts

When you offer discounts, shorten the window so customers act quickly. Give them long enough to share the offer, but create urgency with an expiration date. So, if you’re offering a monthly membership for a reduced rate, give followers no longer than 1-2 business days to respond. Assign end dates to percent discount offers. That may be just the thing that a customer who has been eyeing a product for a while needs to push them over the edge to go from visitor to converted buyer.

6. Promote More Buying Guides

Free buying guides inspire confidence from new customers and are an affordable e-commerce strategy to increase site traffic. Do not use them to advertise your product directly. This is an opportunity to show off your expertise in your field, and help visitors explore the features and benefits of multiple products. Remember: buying guides don’t push products on buyers. They EDUCATE and INFORM buyers to help them make a smart purchase. Graphics and comparison charts help people absorb info more quickly. Use them frequently.

7. Interview Industry Experts

Your blog is a news outlet for your industry. A 750-word post with a quick back and forth between you and an expert in your space is an extremely effective piece of content that drives traffic to an e-commerce site. For example, a skincare and hair care products site could host an interview a professional hairdresser about the advantages of certain product types. Conduct the interview over email to make it a convenient process for your interviewee. Do this as a monthly feature and promote it regularly on social media. Have fun with it!

8. Sponsor Internal Contests

There are no greater evangelists for your products than your staff. Encourage them to share and repost on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Offer gift certificates, paid leave days, and other treats for the team member who gets the most shares, likes, and reposts. Sharing the results of your efforts on how you’re increasing e-commerce traffic will get everyone engaged and excited, too. Show them how their support pays off and they’ll become more motivated.

9. Host a Webinar

Webinars are the golden egg of event marketing. Give customers plenty of runway (at least a month) to sign up. Remind them three times within 7 days of the webinar that they are registered. Afterward, send a recording to ALL who registered (even those who didn’t attend in real time) and encourage those people to share it with their colleagues. Moderate a panel yourself with important members of your industry, or show off your ingenuity and expertise with a free how-to session. Do some research beforehand to define topics that will excite and engage your followers.

10. Create Customer-Centric Content

When you’re creating your content calendar and tweaking your e-commerce content strategy to increase traffic, always keep your customer in your mind. Give them real value and information that will impact and improve their lives. The more generous, thoughtful, and concerned your content appears, the more your followers will engage with it.

If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas for content marketing, that’s what we’re here for. Feel free to reach out any time to discover CrewMachine’s proven strategies to breathe new life into your online content.

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