10 advanced Google Search Tips

Most of us use Google to search a lot of things on a daily basis. We have voice search, image search, video search and other ways of finding what we look for. So, do we often get what we search, or do our search results come up as effective as we suppose them to be?

Maybe not, because most of us don’t go beyond using the simple method of searching. As most of us are not tech geek or not aware of complicated ways of searching, we somehow fail to leverage Google to the fullest. So, what is the way out?

Well, you need to know advanced search methods and tricks, if you want to make you searching effective. You have to go beyond the simple searching and use some unique tips and tricks to get more refined results.

Let’s look at some advanced tips and tricks of searching on Google:

#1   Exact Phrase

Exact Phrase Example

How do you often search? By using a phrase or name. Does this search fetch relevant results? No, because when we use a phrase, Google combines search items for different words in a phrase. This is where we can use quote marks around a phrase or name to search something specific. This kind of search is helpful in less relevant results.

You can see above that using the phrase “CRM managed services” fetches only 7,760 result. On the other hand, without quotes, it will fetch about 28, 10,000 results.

#2   Exclude Terms

There are times when exact phrase fails to give the kind of result we look for. What will you do then? Just search by excluding certain words using the minus sign. Doing this will enhance the relevancy of the search.

#3   Search within a site

Search within a site

What would you normally do when look for certain things in a site? You have no option but to use the search engine of that particular website. We however know how poor quality of search engine most websites have. So, why not search the same with Google instead?

All you need to do is to, site:websiteURL followed by the search term.

#4   This OR That

While giving search results, Google includes all the terms together or all the queried terms mentioned together. In case if you are interested in one or more terms, you can use OR (in capital) to get desired results.

#5   Search for related sites

Search for related sites

How would you find related sites or similar sites of any particular domain? Try this related:websitename, and Google will fetch results of same sites from the domain.

#6   Similar Words and Synonyms

What would do you do when you want your results to also include similar words or synonymous? It’s tad easy, as all you need to do is to use the sign ~ in front of the word.

#7  Missing Words

Missing Words

Sometimes we forget a word or two when we search for song, lyric, poem or phrase. What would you do then? Simple, just use asterisk* within the search phrase or at the place of the missing word and get the desired results quickly.

#8   Compare two items or values using “vs”

How will you compare two items or objects? Well, the only way is to type in use “vs.” in between both the values or items and you will get the answer.

#9   Search between two values

Search between two values

What if you want to search something between two values? Let’s for example say, how will you search who was the captain of the Spanish football giant Barcelona between 1999 to 2008. To find the answer, you need to search captain Barcelona 1999..2008.

# 10   Know the meaning of words

What is the quickest way to learn the meaning of any word? Just type in DEFINE:word and get the result. You can use any word and get the result immediately.


In overall, you should know these tips and tricks to boost the value of your search results.

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